MAKING A MARK: Dear Facebook

Yesterday I wrote about about the RSW Open up Get in touch with for Entries – and then posted it to Fb. Later I took a glance at it to see if there experienced been any reviews – but the write-up had gained very couple of guests and I couldn’t do the job out why.

Currently I worked out why! This is the concept below the put up on my Producing A Mark Facebook Webpage.

Improve this submit to reach up to 493 extra people day-to-day if you commit £14.

The absurd plea for me to shell out income with Facebook

Facebook has made a decision it needs to generate advertising and marketing cash flow from this publish right before it provides me any targeted traffic for it!

Important Messages for Facebook

I have a couple messages for Facebook

  1. I have no relationship in any respect – economical or or else – with the Royal Watercolour Modern society or the Bankside Gallery.
  2. When I initial joined Fb you had Web pages which had been recognised as Information and facts Internet pages. 
  • Now you take care of every little thing as if it really is Possibly Particular OR a Small business – when basically there are a large amount which are neither – they are supplying details!
  • Neither my Building A Mark blog nor my Making A Mark Fb Webpage are a enterprise. 
  • I’m NOT selling something with my website and I’m not offering anything at all with my site put up. I get definitely no cash flow by any means from highlighting Simply call for Entries from lots of and various resources. (The similar applies to all other Calls for Entries). 
  • As I am NOT creating an income, I’m pretty undoubtedly NOT likely to be spending any dollars on adverts!
  • I will In no way At any time invest any cash on the Fb system in get to generate promoting revenue – particularly when
    • it is at the moment dealing with economic issues and behaving in a rather desperate way in making an attempt to bump up promoting income
    • I take into consideration my information is getting held to ransom by Fb algorithms!

    This is quite apart from the actuality I have browse several studies from artists over the several years that shelling out for adverts on facebook has no good impression on their business.

    Yesterday’s publish on my Fb Website page

    Fb would also do well to recall that 

    • their overblown overstaffed platform and the present Twitter hiatus is heading to end result in the technology of new and far more powerful slimline social media platforms – which cater far better for customers.
    • dealing with your people terribly now does not create a warm fuzzy emotion about Fb going forward……

    By arnia