if you try to ask any women about what she likes in a man or what makes her crazy about hem and dreaming about hem every night, she always will say a very long answer but sure she will include “he has a sense of humor” or “he make me laugh and smile all the time” so the humor is a very powerful material to attract a women, simply because there are nothing effective or better than the humor, the men who can makes ladies and women laugh are really lucky and attractive, it is very difficult to ignore a man who can makes you laugh, if you are a man and you want to get into a women’s mind you must learn how to make that lady laugh and fall in love with you for ever.

if you can make a women laugh it’s mean that you are in an advanced level and you have a extremely better chance of get in the women’s mind and makes her want to be with you all the time, some of the people who have a huge experience in the ladies world say that if you can make her laugh it’s already yours, because you make her thinks that you are a friendly and happy man and no sad moments with you, humor is the best way to make a women laugh and fall in love with you.

maybe now you are getting a bad feel about your self because you are not that humor man and you don’t have that super power to make a women laugh because the humor is really a power and we can use it in many different ways…but there are some good news for you! it can be learned and you can use it to win the heart of the women of your dreams, so to make a women laugh and fall in love with you is something you can learn and practice.

if you are a man here are some few things you can do to gain some humor skills:

Be unpredictable. Consistency and predictability is boring. Take people off guard and surprise them them. The element of surprise is often the key factor is most jokes. That’s why the second you hear them, it’s not funny. For example,

Some people just don’t get this. The place and mood when you are being funny is just as important as what you saying. If you are attending a funeral, don’t make jokes there. People are just not in the mood to laugh and this is a very important tip you don’t want to forget because if you ignore this one the lady may think that you are a triviality guy and it’s can make the lady hate you forever!

By arnia