Clermont County, Ohio is located in southeastern Ohio just outside of downtown Cincinnati. This County is quite large and has several different towns in it. There are also a variety of good high schools located in this part of Ohio says a Clermont County DUI attorney. Some of the towns that are further east tend to be a bit more rural than others that a typical suburban towns that are just outside of a major city like Cincinnati according to a Clermont County DUI lawyer. This article will explore some of the schools that are located in Clermont County, Ohio and interesting facts that many may not realize about them.

The first high school is Glen Este located on Glen Este-Withamsville Road. Rather than being a traditional school as it used to be, Glen Este now has four smaller schools that make up the high school. Each of these smaller schools focus on an area of study that a student may be interested in, for example, American studies focuses on human development and interaction within a culture. Scientific Studies do field research and lab work in areas related to science as well as English and social studies. The performing arts school gives students an opportunity to develop their talents in the performing arts and the Communication Technology School focuses on communications and technology with an emphasis on broadcasting, computers and writing as some examples.

Another school in this county is Milford located in Milford, Ohio. It has about 1800 students in grades 9-12 and also has some of those students earning their high school diploma through a vocational degree rather than a traditional high school degree. It has received the educational rating of excellent for the past few years for the state of Ohio and a large percentage of their students go onto college following graduation. They have a variety of extracurricular activities in music, the arts and athletics. One unique thing is that Milford high School has a very strong Water polo team which is not something that is found at every high school.

The third high school in this county is Loveland located in the town of Loveland, Ohio. One unique thing about Loveland High is that they operate their day on 90 minutes class periods and only have four classes per day. This allows for a more intensive amount of time to really understand the subject. Because of this, you can complete a year’s worth of a subject in just a half of a year. This gives students a greater ability to select more courses that they are interest in as well.

The final school that will be looked at is Batavia High School and it is considered to be a bit more rural than the other ones in Clermont County. They have a fairly new building constructed just a few years ago that is just beautiful and all of the facilities for extra curricular activities like music and athletics which are popular at Batavia.

By arnia