Thurgood Tickets – See the Historic Figure in a One-Man Show!


Come see history made alive by getting Thurgood tickets. The one-man show is based upon the life of Thurgood Marshall. The play is by George Stevens, Jr. Stevens is decorated for his work with Emmy Awards and many other honors including an Oscar nomination. Leonard Foglia is the director. He has directed other Broadway plays Wait Until Dark and On Golden Pond. Thurgood sets itself up as one of the more important shows to see this season.

Most know the name Thurgood Marshall, but many probably forget the far-reaching effects of this man’s life. This civil rights leader was not always the voice from the podium but often the force behind the scenes. While others worked the crowds, Marshall worked the courts. He made a name for himself as a young lawyer fighting for civil rights. He is famously known as a lawyer in the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka in 1954 where he successful had “separate but equal” ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. In all, Marshall won 29 of the 32 cases he presented to the Supreme Court. In 1967, Marshall again made history by becoming the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court. He argued equality until the day he died in 1993. The impact of this man makes the limited-engagement Thurgood tickets a way to capture a piece of American history.

Laurence Fishburne may be most well-recognized for his role in The Matrix movies, but his talents are truly showcased in this one-man show about Thurgood Marshall. Fishburne is no stranger to stage with roles in Without Walls and Fences, where he costarred with Angela Bassett. Fishburne also wrote, starred in, directed a produced the film Once in the Life. He has something in common with the late Justice: both have affiliations with the NAACP. Marshall worked as one of the organization’s lawyers and Fishburne received the NAACP Image Award in 1998 and Best Actor at the 17th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards.

Very few people in American history have had the impact that Thurgood Marshall did or left behind such a great legacy. Whether as a lawyer or a judge, Marshall left an indelible mark on our country. Along the way, he impressed many he came across including J. Edgar Hoover. Although he has since passed on, Thurgood tickets are a chance to see what listening to the legendary civil rights leader would have been like.

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