You have set up your music business and now you want to get your clients? You do not know where to start? Well there is no other tool better than networking to help you succeed in this business. Below are some tips that you can use to sharpen your networking skills which can help you grow your business leaps and bounds.

Freshen up old relationships. Reach out to old friends. It could be a small telephone call or an email or most innocent of all invite friends through social networking sites like Facebook. The key here is to just start keeping in touch and not start selling your business from day one. Try and find out more about them, their professions, their hobbies etc. Meet them up over a drink if they are in the same town. Revisit old times but do not speak much about your business. Keep in regular touch with friends who seem to have some form of interest in music. Once you have had enough communication with them and both of you feel comfortable with each other, at that time introduce your business. Remember it should never sound like you have got in touch with them just because of your business else you will lose your friends.

Next reach out to local businesses. Offer your services to them for free or nominal fee. Take part in local competitions and community events. Meet up prospective clients in these events. In fact playing in local competitions is one of the most time tested ways of getting clients. If you play well you will start developing a fan base and you can then reach out to them to give you business.

Networking with relatives is another area where you can use your networking skills. In most cases you might be aware which of your relatives are interested in music. You can keep in touch with them and speak to them about your progress and latest developments in the world of music. Once they know that you are genuine and not keeping in touch with them for getting business they will be more than happy to recommend you.

There are some golden principles of networking that you should remember:

– Keep in touch with your network. Take the effort to know them – their likes and dislikes and have common topics of discussion when you meet them.

– Do not always talk about your business. Business will come your way if you genuinely keep in touch with them. Even if you have to talk business, let that be the last point of discussion.

– Be courteous. Do not keep on bragging about yourself and how well you play. If you are good they will notice and it is always better to get praise from your customers.

– Finally take time out for your network and do things for them even if it is not part of your business. When they see that you care about them, they will make sure that they will send business your way.

By arnia