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Poems On Termites

Strange as it may seem, poems have been written on termites. It is true that poetry can be on any topic, but to write a poem on termites is definitely unusual. However, there are a few poems which are humorous that has been written on termites.

Ogden Nash who is known for his humor and wit has written many humorous poems – he hasn’t written too many on termites, but the one that he has written is prescribed for students and his poems are known for the social impact and humor that it contains. One of the poems he has written goes like this: It is about a termite that burrowed into the wood and found the taste great – and that is how Aunt May fell through the parlor floor.

This poem is considered well known in its time both for it humor and simplicity – it gives you an idea of how the termite operates and conveys its humor while describing the destruction caused by the termite in a home.

Mr. Nash’s Poem On Termites

It is well known that Ogden Nash wrote poems on unlikely subjects, so when he came out with a poem on termites, his fans were not taken by surprise. His humor on the subject of the common termite has made us look at this insect in a humorous manner rather than with irritation.

As you read through this poem about the termite, you will get a picture of the insect gnawing its way into the wooden structure of your home, finding the wood tasty, and while enjoying his meal, he simultaneously destroys the foundation causing the inmate to fall through the floor. This lends humor to the situation and this particular poem has become so well known that it has been studied in all grades by students.

There have been innumerable poems written across the globe, but very few deal with termites. But Ogden Nash, with his feel for the uncommon and obscure decided that he should write about the ordinary termite that gets into homes and causes untold destruction, sometimes damaging the foundation of the house. These termites burrow into the wood and have a preference for damp, wet and clammy areas, so if there are piles of wood around the house, the termites will head there and slowly get an entrance into the house through the wood. These are known facts, but Mr. Nash has decided to take this topic, bring humor into it and even turn it around to bring a smile to everyone instead of thinking only in terms of the destruction that a termite can cause. Apart from that it has also been prescribed as a study in schools.

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