Jupiter, also known as the Guru or Lord Brihaspati in the Vedic astrology, is a really good friend in the heavens. If placed favorably in the natal chart, it is highly benefic and a very positive planet. It is the ruler of both sagittarius and pisces, and the ninth and twelfth houses. It is a very important planet for female as it determines her marriage and relationship with her husband. Its gem is yellow sapphire, color is yellow, metal is gold, direction is north-east and day is Thursday.

Jupiter is the planet of intellect, if this planet dominates your natal chart than you are a very calm person with high ambitions, and you like cleanliness all around you. It makes you a politician, minister, teacher, or priest. Have you come across a person who is very fond of travelling long distances in the search of some answers in his life, he is the Jupiter person. Yes, it is a planet of long travel and search for the answers. It makes you philosophical. However, an extreme Jupiter in the natal chart can make you materialistic.

Astrologically, it is the planet associated with good luck, fortune, and prosperity. Leisure time, sports of all kinds, stroll in the park are all favorite pastimes of the Jupiter. The Jupiter also means yoga, astrology, vastu, science and mathematics.

Physically, it rules over the liver ailments, jaundice, arthritis, swelling, tuberculosis, thighs, blood circulation, and fat. It is so big (fat) in the size that it is directly responsible for weight gain & laziness. Diabetes is an ailment directly related to this sign.

It is a slow moving planet. It takes Jupiter about 12 years to circle the zodiac, which means it stays for a year in one sign.

Following Vedic rituals is recommended in order to minimize the ill effects or increase the good effects of the Jupiter:

  • Wear and donate yellow color clothes on Thursdays.
  • Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is worn on the Index finger to get the maximum benefits from the Jupiter.
  • If you have a budget; distribute sweets, yellow fruits, donate Gold, feed an Ox with gram pulse on Thursdays.
  • Distributing sweets and donating Gold or Copper on Thursdays, if the budget allows.
  • Worship Lord Shiva with yellow flowers and offer butter oil on Shiva Linga daily.
  • However, make sure that you do not eat bananas on Thursdays.
  • Chant the Jupiters Beej (Seed) Mantra using turmeric beaded garland.

By arnia