How To Start & Run a Hiphop Record Label Booklet#2 takes readers through the intricate process of starting and running a independent record label in the Hiphop industry.

From the moment prospective entrepreneurs start their company to the first cd release. This guide teaches readers multiple techniques to raise capital (i.e money) for funding a record label properly. Start up cost checklist on everything needed to set up shop. Questionnaire that will help determine strong points versus weak points going into business.

Tips on affordable recording with new technology. Building a recording studio, assembling a production team. The operation of signing artist, promotion, marketing and touring. Record label investment sheet explaining advance money, recouping and royalties. The full landscape of CD manufacturing to getting CD’s sold in major retail music stores.

Presenting a professional consistent appearance that will drive in more business deals. Building a market presence through outlets such as television, radio, and video, and through sales incentives, live shows, advertising, trade shows and conferences.

New strategies to maximize revenue on the internet and promotional outlets like mix tapes. Recording contracts explained in a simple straight to the point manner. Dozens of simple, high impact ways to promote and increase music sales in a few months. The most important elements in creating great music publicity materials.

This booklet offers hands on knowledge to be successful in any sales climate. provides practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to take over the Hiphop industry.

Available through the HHIN and Paper2Chase publishing via P2CNetwork.

By arnia