Looking for ways to change up your style? Why not try a new kind of tongue ring? If you have this unique piercing, make it even more unique by trying the next big thing in body jewelry. Plastic tongue rings are becoming more popular lately as more people are getting their tongues pierced.

Ever since the rumor mill began about metal rings causing dental damage, folks have become scared of getting the piercings. That’s when plastic barbells started to become more common. Some people have had trouble with their teeth chipping from accidentally biting down on metal rings. After going through painful experiences like that, many have decided to make the switch to plastic tongue rings. Not everyone agrees with these accessories- there are both pros and cons to these items.

Beginning with the benefits, plastic rings are much better on your teeth. Those who have had trouble cracking or chipping their teeth on metal barbell rings have noticed great differences when switching to plastic. They have also said that the plastic rings are more comfortable in their mouths due to the fact that plastic is flexible unlike steel. Another great thing about plastic tongue rings versus steel rings is t the plastic rings can come in clear, transparent colors. This could help you when looking for a job by making the ring harder to see. In the long run, employers will be looking for those who look professional so the clear ring could give you a better chance at employment than a metal ring would.

For every pro there is a con, however. One of the major complaints from wearers of this jewelry is the irritation that the plastic can cause after wearing the piercing for a while. After so long of being in your tongue, the ring can start to bend and irritate the skin of your tongue. You also need to change the plastic tongue rings more often than steel rings. You must change the plastic ring every couple weeks to be sure that the thread won’t strip and the ball won’t fall off. If you are a person who is always busy, plastic rings could come as too much of a time consuming issue for you.

In many ways these new items are good for you. But they can also be bad if you don’t take proper care of them. Plastic tongue rings are seen every day as miracle workers for some while, for others, they are just as much of a nuisance as steel piercings. The one good thing is that with the plastic rings, there are no serious risks like there are with steel rings. The highest risk is irritation of the skin on your tongue that could lead to discomfort but they can’t cause serious infections or damage your teeth in any way. There is much bitter sweetness to these exciting jewelry items; they might become the next big thing in tongue piercing history.

By arnia