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Whether she’s a tomboy or a little princess, sometimes your little girl just needs some downtime. Lives are hectic these days, and that can take a toll on those we want to protect. Help your daughter discover the benefits of relaxing. When she is done reading a book or drawing a picture, what can you do with your girls who need a break from all the running around so common today? Take them online!

Girls have things they like and things they don’t – and it varies by girl, of course. One thing that a lot of young girls enjoy, however, is a bit of coloring or drawing. Many websites, including are catching onto this bit of interest, and on behalf of these girls, are designing online coloring pages.

Coloring Online?

Traditional coloring books are fun, but coloring pages online offer an entirely new world of entertainment options. The DollPalace, for example, uses many of their most popular dolls, including dolls of the young celebrity Miley Cyrus, to build coloring pages. Girls have the opportunity to browse the available pages, then enjoy coloring them right on the computer. Once the picture is finished, there are plenty more available for continued fun.

Moving Beyond Coloring Pages

Once your young lady has run out of coloring steam, there is still plenty to do online without ever leaving the coloring page website. There are hundreds of dolls to discover – including many Miley Cyrus dolls that have not been made into coloring pages, and young girls can try their hand at designing their own dolls as well.

These websites have many activities that parents can approve of and even enjoy with their children. Parents may be just as stumped as kids when it comes to trying to guess celebrity dolls by their award show finery and some of the dolls – such as mermaids and goddesses open the door for creativity and perhaps even a little story telling of your own. Encourage story telling or have your daughter write a few personalities or stories about their favorite dolls. Girls love fantasy games, and dolls are a perfect means for this.

A Safe Haven

As new coloring pages are created every week, there are always new things to do. With so many questionable locations on the internet, it’s a relief for parents to be able to find a safe haven. A website that keeps girls happy and occupied with some of their favorite actresses, activities and games in a single location makes it easy to keep tabs on what your daughter is up to and make sure she’s having fun.

Every parent wants the best for their child, and with coloring pages online, there is a new avenue open. Keep your daughter safe and happy at the same time by opening up the virtual world of coloring and dolls.

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