Navel Rings – Belly Button Piercing


There was a time when belly button piercing was completely unacceptable in western culture. During the mid nineteen nineties, however, something happened that changed the way the world saw naval piercing. It is difficult to say where it began, but several role models had a strong influence in the culture change. Naomi Campbell and other top models began flashing cute piercings and were seen on the ramp with naval rings. Around the same time a hit music video with Aerosmith, in which his girl gets a belly button piercing, made naval piercing even more popular with the young crowd.

Whether it was those key events or not, the world was beginning to accept the concept. Today, it is no longer taboo to get your belly button pierced. Many girls get their piercings as early as age fifteen. Belly pierces are now as common as earpieces and are not looked down upon as much as they were in the past. The fact that Wal-Mart even has naval rings for sale openly signifies the death of the stigma attached to naval piercing.

It is really amazing how the popularity of belly button rings has grown over the years. It is not uncommon in the USA as well as other western nations to see young girls with belly button rings. More and more girls are going to salons to get their pierces. Especially in the summer season, girls flock to get pierces or buy new naval rings. The stigma has been replaced by a certain fascination with the small flashy things.

Rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Barbells, rings, dangling rings, flexible belly button rings and much more are now available. Just like any other kind of ring, you can buy them in almost any kind of material. The most popular material is sterling silver. However, some other popular materials include plastic and hard rubber. Plastic is popular because it can be dyed any color and even comes in glow in the dark.

Belly button rings in higher end precious metals also exist. It is not uncommon to find belly rings in jewelry shops made out of gold and platinum, sometimes with precious stones set into them. Flashy rings for rich girls may include diamonds or rubies. Some girls prefer studs. Other girls prefer something a little more extravagant. Chandelier belly rings are large dangling rings made for the shock effect. While the fashion continues to grow so does the number of jewelers who have caught on to the idea and are adding to the variety.

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