My Thoughts on Broadway and High School Musicals


What makes musicals different from films? The very fact that they are performed live! True, Musicals combine dance, dialogues that are spoken, music and songs just like a Film. The technical aspects do vary considerably. Apart from that, all the aspects of human drama ranging from love to anger to humor are communicated through the words, movements, and music just like in a film.

Musicals were said to have reached their peak from the 1940’s to the 60’s. this time was referred to as The Golden Age. The Broadway Theatre in New York city and West end in London are two famous places that are used for performing musicals that are produced on a large scale. Smaller places like The Fringe Theatre are used for performance of musicals produced by theatre artists who are not renowned or by artists who are on tours or for high school performances or performances by amatures, or if it’s a regional production.

Grease, The Broadway Melody, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music are some of the famous musicals till date. The artists consider it to be a form of expression and as a way of using up one’s energy. Being a part of the performing group could also mean touring the country, or sometimes even countries which is an extra incentive. There is a lot of hard work involved in High School Musical Broadways as well. The theme has to be in lieu with the youth of today to be able to grab their attention.

Musicals are a hit with any age group because it involves singing, dancing and acting. Putting together a team to perform involves a lot of work and man force like script writers, directors, lyricists, musicians, electricians, actors…the list could go on.

High school musical tickets can be acquired online. Another alternative is to approach the student leaders directly or get it from the School’s head-office. You could also win a high school tix if your lucky because schools try to give them away as awards. Sometimes you could get one for free or as a gift as well.

While you have decided to attend the musical, make sure to check if there is a dress code that needs to be adhered to. When you arrive, switch off the cell phone. Do not attempt to walk in and out in between acts. Speak only during intervals. Do not speak loudly and finally enjoy the musical.

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