Michael Harding has been creating oil paint since 1982, and now his very long-held dream of earning a substantial excellent watercolour assortment has lastly been realised. 
With a vision to build colours of the maximum intensity and integrity, and with as several pure solitary pigment colours as achievable, Michael Harding has released a range of around 135 Qualified Watercolour Paints. 

We invited him to be a part of us in the Jackson’s studio to share his 20-12 months journey in realising this new remarkable selection, and in this ‘In Conversation’ movie he discusses how he diligently formulated the range, his adore of color and his options for the potential.


https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=KlVP4WgoXWU



:00 Introduction

:23 Why did you determine to generate your possess watercolour selection?

03:34 Your new watercolour range has been 20 years in the generating, could you notify us why it took so long?

05:42 What did you want to offer artists which tends to make the range distinct from other watercolours out there?

07:17 How did you formulate your watercolours?

09:09 Are your watercolours lightfast?

11:19 What do the watercolours have in common with your oils?

12:43 Can you describe what sets are available?

13:45 Will you expand your vary to include 50 percent and whole pans in the future?

14:48 Can you explain to us a very little about your favorite colors in the vary and demonstrate us their exclusive attributes?

37:36 Credits


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Michael Harding Professional Watercolours

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