How an online exhibition can change our perception of an artwork. Because yes size matters ;-)

Art is now extra typically viewed on-line than in man or woman, most of the time by way of the display of our smartphones. One particular of the challenges to knowledge artwork is hence the feeling of scale. In addition the initial measurement of an artwork may affect how we perceive the artwork. And it art as in lots of other fields, of course sizing issues.

Our appreciation and understanding of a operate of art can adjust dependent on how significant or little do we understand it to be. Scale can also impact how “important” we presume the artwork to be. It is not by chance if historical paintings designed to highlights the glory of kings and emperors this sort of as The Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David, are Massive!

This topic of the spot of scale of an artwork has been explored by the exhibition Monumental curated by Sergio Gomez @sergiogomezart.

instance down below with the do the job of artist Dorota Łapa-Maik, Dimensions of authentic: 30×30 cm exhibited as a 150.00” x 150.00” artwork

The exhibition presented on line (December 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022), sponsored by @artnxtlevel and @artplacer.application, inquiries our perception of dimension and scale when viewing a operate of artwork by manipulating the ecosystem in which it is presented for viewing.

The on the web virtual truth exhibition encounter help us to learn a choice of 63 artworks from more than 700 submissions from artists from close to the world. The authentic proportions of every single artwork does not exceeds 16 inches (40.64 cm). The illustrations or photos were being digitally resized to a scale the curator deemed suitable for the on the internet encounter. “The choice covers a large selection of kinds, mediums, and conceptual suggestions. The approach of collection bundled investigating how each and every place in the virtual gallery worked alongside one another with many forms of function. I was seeking for is effective that in the long run would translate into a greater scale with out dropping their essence and energy as they linked to other operates in the exact area.” claims Sergio Gomez.

Monumental exhibition curated by Sergio Gomez

Curator’s Assistants: Ana Sofia Rodriguez Bernal and Caitlin Kelly Thompson

Artists incorporated in the exhibition

Sue Allison, Nerea Azanza, Peter Blindt, Angie Brooks, Thomas Bucich, Amy Cheng, Patrick William Dodoo, Laurence de Valmy, Alisa Duda, Christine Aischa Ebner, Rudi Eckerle, Tony Efeakpokrire
DebiLynn Fendley, Alex Ferrone, Judith Roston Freilich, Mauricio García Vega, Antonia Guerrero, Philippe Halaburda, Martin Harman, Jyl Anais Ion, George Kassal, Sally Ko, Laurie M. Landry, Dorota Łapa-Maik, Amy Laskin, Joyce P. Lopez, Carole Leslie, ia Llamozas, Toby MacLennan, Inna Malostovker, Jerry McLaughlin, Greta Olivas, Tamara Pavlovic, Judith Peck, Deborah Perlman, Shari Phoenix, Mary-Ann Prack, László Retek, Wayne Anthony Rice, Christopher Rico, Kathleen Roman, Max Ruebensal, Fátima Sardinha, Cristina Sayers, Mohamed Shamim Latiff, Rob Stangroom, S. Manya Stoumen-Tolino, Snezhana Stoyanova, Alicja Swiatlon, Flavia Testa, Arella Tomlinson, The Black Labrador Venture, Justin Vasey, Silvia Ventura, Sushmita Vobbilisetty, Julie Weaverling, Hannah Webber, Janette Wright

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