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Cecilia Bellini, aka Graphite, was born in Rome (b.1983) and raised by way of Rome and the Umbrian countryside.

Her hand attracts to broaden borders of reality by way of sketchy lines and vivid colors that mirror both fragile and extreme thoughts. Cecilia’s route finds its intention in harmonious distinction, that is to say, the frequent research for feelings, utilizing decomposition and synthesis to seem for a commencing or an finish.

Whilst she grew up in a family of architects and journalists, she considers herself self-taught. Struggling from dyslexia, she approached drawing as a medium to convey her thoughts visually.

We met her for an exceptional interview throughout which she discussed more about her training and creative method.


Hi Cecilia! Can you briefly describe what you do and notify us one thing extra about your approach? 

I draw, and the pencil is my most loved resource. Then, I also often experiment with new tactics and elements, but at the moment, I’m usually working with watercolor and coloured pencils. I also at times use digital media.

And what drives you to make artwork? 

It is portion of me, my way of communicating and expressing what I have within as I am a incredibly introverted man or woman. Drawing is a thing that is component of me it is a necessary affliction, like respiration.

As a curious person, drawing teaches me a lot of issues, it concentrates me, bringing me into a earth of my very own.

And how extended have you been functioning in this industry?

Skillfully, it is only due to the fact a couple several years.

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Let’s communicate of inspiration. Which artists primarily influence your perform?

I will summarize mainly because normally, I would not complete answering as I just take a cue from something and any artistic subject.

Egon Sciele, Cassegrain, Jordi Lafebre, Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, Matisse – and all the Impressionists, Giotto, Kandinskij, Mondrian, Salgado… and the checklist goes on and on!

And is there anything else outdoors visible arts that evokes your apply? 

Every little thing. Basically.

How would you like folks to have interaction with your function?

I’m not absolutely sure I have an solution. I want to be comprehended, and I would like the purpose of my function to be recognized and appreciated. 

I consider this will indicate expanding on a own stage because possessing people comprehend my perform will also indicate they will understand me. To me, It will intend to be capable to talk with the globe.

Do you have anything remarkable on the horizon? 

I am organizing an exhibition that will just take place before Christmas, and am also collaborating with a publishing property for a graphic novel.

I a short while ago founded 140 COTON (for additional details, go to, whose strategy is to make ‘art in movement,’ artwork that arrives to everyday living.

Finally, I am collaborating with Nove Onlus and Ciomod, getting treatment of the graphics about a chocolate retailer and whose gains will go to a charity foundation.

Final problem, a massive one. In which do you see oneself in the potential? 

I am extremely demanding, so my plans are often quite high, just about unattainable, and great. But this lets me constantly to give my most effective.


To explore much more about Graphite1983, follow her on Instagram or go right here.

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