Chinese Astrology Forecast for China in 2007


In the communist nation, someone would publicly say no. Though this person might be a party member, he/she’s even more likely from outside the party.

The Chinese astrology I-Ching trigram that represents China in 2007 is ‘Lu’ with its third stroke changed from last Chinese astrology year. Once again, it means an imbalance of Yin and Yang energy. Lu trigram has a connotation of an adventure around midnight. An “adventure ‘could be an imperative due to the situations; could be part of a strategic plan; or could be simply a thoughtless impulsive act. As the change occurs on the third stroke, this ‘adventure’ could be quite worrying. Disputes and anxiety come from either one of the following suppositions:

1. The social changes or reformations in the communist party give rise to disputes and conflicts. As people have different extremist views, they cannot reconcile their differences easily. This is the most probable cause.

2. Some unknown diseases spread throughout the country.

3. Lu trigram also has a hidden ‘Kui’ trigram, the fifth stroke of which says, ‘Hatred and death; exchanging words and hurting each other; go; what can go wrong?’

The poem can be roughly translated as ‘those with familial relationship suffer together.’ Or it can be interpreted as ‘close friends and relatives dragging each other into troubles.’

What is Chinese astrology I Ching?
The I-Ching is the world’s most ancient known book and earliest intuitive decision-making concept of any wisdom. It is typically consulted by tossing coins or yarrow stalks. The way the coins fall corresponds to one of 64 patterns of change derived from the profound wisdom of the ever-changing dynamics of the yin and yang principles.

Changing Lines in the Chinese astrology I-Ching hexagrams are the part of an I-Ching that always provide the most powerful prediction about a situation for they mean the elements that are making things to happen to change right now.

The odds are against casting a Changing Line (about the same as tossing 3 coins and having all 3 come up heads). But most castings of an I-Ching hexagram (i.e. six line form) do produce one or more Changing Lines.

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