Body Piercing And Clip In Hair Extensions


Body piercing is one of the oldest and most interesting forms of adornment and/or body modification, yet the reasons for piercing the body are as diverse as the cultures they come from. It is basically the insertion of jewelry into an opening made in the ear, nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue or other area of the body. It is at least 3,400 years old and is returning to the mainstream of modern Western cultures as attitudes and values change.

Body piercing is a form of body modification and is performed without anesthesia and is a rather quick procedure. It is when a hole is made in your skin so you can add a piece of jewelry for decoration. It is an invasive procedure, where a foreign object is placed into an open wound; Even though both the wound and the jewelry may be small, the natural physical reaction is for your body to refuse or reject the intrusion.

Body piercing is often done in the same establishments as tattoo studios. It can be traced back to ancient times and can be found in many different cultures and is common among some Africans and Native Americans. Body piercing is complex, and any piercer who is a professional will gladly explain where he learned and from whom. Body piercing can be risky if the proper precautions are not taken but can be a safe and beautiful body art if a few precautions are taken. It can be performed on any part of the body but certain sites are more likely to be associated with severe complications.

The most common body parts to have a piercing is the ear, nose and naval. Naval piercing is also referred to as belly piercing and youngsters find it very seductive. It is often done for decorative purposes and draws attention to one’s stomach. Nose piercing is very attractive, and can draw attention to the face, because the nose is the face’s most prominent limb. Nose piercing is also common in India, where the left nostril is pierced to prevent medical issues and ease childbirth. Ear piercing is by far the most popular type of body piercing and is believed to have been practiced longer than any other form of body piercing and is an almost universal practice for men and women, it’s only in western society that it’s deemed effeminate.

Body piercing isn’t the only trent to sweep across many corners of the world. People make other changes to themselves, some are permanent, and others temporary. Tattoos are a growing trend, which although have been around for many years, has recently become extremely popular with both males and females and has become far more accepted within today’s society. This is partly due to newer tools and technology, and better inks of which both can achieve crisper, sharper designs.

Many women also have hair extensions fitted to change the way they look. The hair is one of the most prominent features of the body which can be coloured, cut and styled making this the most featured area of the body with regards to the fashion industry. A popular product range within the hair extension industry of recent times are clip in hair extensions. These are proving extremely popular as they can be put in and taken out within a matter of minutes and are virtually undetectable if the right ones are purchased. These are available in both synthetic hair and real human hair, with the latter being the most expensive, but generally the better option. These can change the way a person looks, as and when they want that particular look. Another form of hair extensions are glue in hair extensions. These are a more permanent option, and generally cost more money.

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