Biography of Salvador Dali


Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech popularly known as Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter in the early 20th century. Born on May 11, 1904 in Catalonia in Spain to a very humble lawyer named Salvador Dalí i Cusí, he was influenced by his mother.

Insinuated by his imaginary skills and his artistic talents his mother stirred him to cultivate the flair he was born with. In 1922, a year after his mother died he moved to live in a boarding house in the capital city of Madrid where he continued his learning in art. In the next two years he gained enough acclaim from his contemporaries and tutors. A young, flamboyant and talented as he was Dali joined the creative world of fashion, modeling and cinematography.

By the age 25, the versatility of his artistic inventiveness and his multifaceted propensity began to transpire. Apart from the field of visual art that he was good at, he excelled in sculpture, scripting, photography and various forms of performing art. Salvador Dali had contributed to the Surrealist movement and was also later expelled from it for his utter arrogance.

In 1934 Dali married a lady eleven-year-older to him named Gala. This and his eccentricity compelled his father to disown him and divest him of all inheritance. The couple later moved to the United States of America where Dali gained wide acclaim. Back in Catalonia in 1949 he lived with his wife in a chalet he built for himself by the sea.

In 1980 Dali’s life took a tragic turn. Unknowingly poisoned by his wife, Dali was taken seriously ill. He soon became incapacitated and lost his ability paint and subsequently his desire to live. His life became even more miserable after Gala’s death two years later. An extraordinarily creative an artist and a man of eminence who lived a life astounding and iconic died on January 23, 1989. As during his life time so it is after his death that admiration for his work remained to escalate as ever.

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