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About Bang Sang-ho

Bang Sang-ho is a (electronic) illustrator artist from Seoul, South Korea. His work is mesmerizing each visually and mentally for his distinctive, elaborate, yet exceptional design. Bang’s layouts have so many items heading on that they may possibly appear to be animated at initial glance. By staring at Bang Sang-ho’s pictures, a person is slowly but surely driven into a designated vibrant and fantastical world, surprised by the selection of surprises he ready for the viewer. Concealed in his dynamic and multicolor aesthetic lies Bang’s acuity to his thoughts, refined creativeness, and aesthetics.

Electronic Painting

Painting is an emotional medium for Bang, used every time he feels delighted or depressed. He draws a lot more often when he wants to escape everyday pressure or distracting ideas. The organic kind and psychedelic hues replicate the very best illustration of Bang’s unconscious feelings.

Bang provides everything manually when it comes to own work by transferring all the random pictures that go by his head on to paper. He commonly makes his artwork making use of digital resources, but he will hardly ever deny the pencil stroke. Bang values manual sketching and will usually take into consideration this his initial inventive action. After the sketch satisfies his suggestions, he will finalize it digitally and then paint it. A short while ago, I’ve felt awkward with electronic work’s textures and expressions. So, I have been generating digital do the job and will work by hand, this sort of as acrylic paintings, at the exact time. 

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