Astrology gives an awareness of environment through power of knowing things without conscious reasoning.

The study in astrology includes an imaginary belt in the heavens that encompass the paths of most of the planets and that is divided into 12 constellations or signs known as Aries, Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo. At some places their symbols are also used to represent them.

Actually astrology commonly includes the study of positions and movements of celestial bodies such as moon, sun, stars and planets (solar system).

In the field of astrology, commonly people get attracted towards the horoscope because as we know that horoscope includes the study of personality analysis and clear understanding of nature of a person along with daily routine life issues. This is the reason of people’s interest in the horoscope section.

The zodiac is divided into 12 zones of the sky.These zodiacs are named by looking at the patterns formed by any of 88 groups of stars. The term zodiac stands for “Circle of Life”. Actually this is all calculated by observing the circle covered by the sun in the sky for an entire year and a zodiac sign is categorized by the motion of sun around the zodiac region.

Astrological studies also help to predict the upcoming natural disasters this is because the arrangements and various events of celestial bodies are very participating in the earthly events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, tornadoes etc.

If we see by a common point of view, it seems very illogical that how can an astrologer predict about the earthly events through observing the movements of sun, moon, stars, planets etc. but it must be true because earth is also moving like sun and moon, so, there would be a definite relation between them and their events as, in solar and lunar eclipse our earth is involved same as in earthly events, other heavenly bodies could be involved.

We are well known of the word “Horoscope” which is a diagram of the relative positions of planets and signs of the zodiac at a particular time for use by astrologers to foretell events of a person’s life. Horoscope is a very common subject of astrology and this word is derived for Greek language Horoscopus or Horoskopos from hora “hour”+skopen “to look at”.

Horoscope is a forecast for future and to make the analysis of one’s personality by studying the celestial bodies by a method called Astrology.

In ancient times, the kings and rulers etc. definitely used to take an advice of their particular astrologer before taking any important decision regarding their country as it was the ritual or trend of that time.

Astrology is not only the belief of the people living at one specific part of the world but, it is strongly used in almost all countries and their habitats. Indians, Chinese, Hellenistic, etc.It is also true that Chinese horoscope is very accurate regarding the social issues and personality analysis.

Astrology is a very vast field and it is a very interesting study because it gives ideas of many related things and a guidance too. When a person gets confused for some decision, the horoscope helps him out to take one decision and get rid from his double mindedness.

By arnia