Priceless Humor of Our Times


You can’t buy it, rob it, find it or bully it out of your fat old neighbor. Truth be told, the legacy of priceless humor has been considered a myth through ages, more engrossing than a campfire story about Mike Myers beheading a sock puppet.

We have all wanted to be funny in our lives- whether it was to get us invited to frat parties, score with the beautiful cheerleaders or even claw our way off the popularity charts. Let’s face it, people like funny guys! Is it really that much of a surprise that Jay Leno is more of a national icon than the president and college humor gets a higher search ranking as compared to the recession crisis? (To be honest, jokes about Megan Fox is more valued than liquidity shares any day!)

What is it in the current generation of humor that makes it such a rage all over? For starters, it’s come a long way from the classic jokes (Cow Who? No Cow Moo knock knock ones) to a more scathingly funny satire of social events and issues.

Good Bush Bad Bush is passé, now its all about the My Next Door Hot Vampire saga of Twilight, pinched with “Look-Ma-I got into Harvard” university jokes. (The creator of Stewie Griffin is probably the only good thing that came out of there!) Sitcoms like Friends and Full House (yup booze, dating and family in the same sentence! #EPICWin!!) have moved out for South Park and Heroes. (If you do not consider the twists a comedy then the wrath of the cursed black ending of Sopranos shall fall upon you!). Twisted humor is also a new fad (Trending Topics on Twitter stand by me, I swear!) and that is something to which I’ve given much thought, actually missing an entire episode of Family Guy for my extensive research.

What does the humor world rave about? Let’s see, there are the insanely comedic “twists” on LOST (The island is coming… Comiiinggggg), college notes on Facebook (Failbooking?) and the prime time of America being consumed by a fat balding man on late night television, animated 9 year old potty mouthed kids and a one year old homoerotic evil baby (Stewie Fans FTW!).

Sadly, kids humor is still restricted to funny tweets (Please RT Michael Bay killed the Bay area population with his action scene) and some repeats of Lady Gaga songs (She looks like a lizard in this one, my bet is a wide mouthed frog for her next single). Makes me wonder of the horror that the future would witness! (Considering that another Dukes Of Hazzard movie might be made, it’s pretty much doomed anyway!)

The world would continue to be an overhyped idiot in the years to come. In the words of Shakespeare (or Britney Spears) “To laugh or to snort, that is the kewshcion “(I can haz new spellings LOLcat style!) Online sites would have pot bellied writers churning out articles of priceless humor and Robert Pattinson would still surprise as the anorexic patients with the most female fans.

Then again, Captain Kirk might just transport us to a better world. Might.

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