Performing Magic Illusions


Magic illusions can be cool, if done right. If you’re new to magic, you may in fact think that doing an illusion right simply means mastering the sleight of hand (if required) in each trick, you are mistaken. In this article you will learn what it really takes to impress your friends with the art of performing magic!

In a successful magic illusion, the sleight of hand is only a small part of it. The truth is that the sleight of hand that may be required in a trick really will not do much to get a reaction if you are unable to present it with an air of mystery. In an illusion, deception and presentation together play the biggest role in making magic really seem “magical”. For the sake of a proper comparison, picture in your mind someone walking up to you, getting you to pick a card and place it at the top of the deck. After a quick cut of the deck, he searches the deck and reveals your card. The entire trick is over in 10 seconds. Now picture another scenario. Someone walks slowly with an air of mystery towards you, and then asks you to pick a card. Explaining casually that his fingers are sensitive to even trace amounts of heat, and that he will be able to find your chosen card because you left your heat signature on the chosen card, he proceeds to slowly feel each card, building suspense, until, sure enough, he lands on your card and reveals it to be the chosen card.

Which scenario do you think you will get a better reaction from? Obviously the second one! Why? Because it builds suspense, involves patter (the story or words you use while performing your trick), and turns the volunteer’s early on disbelief on itself! At the same time, things are not limited to just during the trick. Behind the scenes, you must first build up your confidence in the trick, and for your own good, practice practice practice!

To sum things up, before a trick, you absolutely must practice the trick. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice in front of someone who is willing to watch you over and over again, and then keep practicing. Doing so should build up your confidence. During the trick, be sure to use patter to enhance the presentation, and don’t forget to build up suspense.

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