There is a very spiritual and esoteric side of astrology that is not well known to the general public. Much knowledge has been channeled down in the past century and those that want to find answers to secrets that have been hidden for ages can. You can develop personal power through getting in touch with different planets at special times of the day.

It is common knowledge with astrologers that there is no coincidence between the discovery of planets and the conscious development of the human race. Planets have been discovered as the scientific instruments have developed, yet many spiritual astrologers will tell you that the planets did not want to be discovered until humanity was ready to incorporate the essence of what they have to bring. We can see the sun, moon, Venus, mercury, mars, Jupiter and Saturn with the naked eye. As Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were unveiled so was the corresponding principles brought forth in humanity.

Pluto as that body in the sky brings to us a magical and mystical side of manifestation. Great spiritual beings can move into other realms, time travel, create a gold ring out of thin air, heal the sick and master other miraculous powers. It is possible to tap into the power and mystery of Pluto.

What is personal power? Personal power has several definitions yet one is the ability to call forth the power that you want and need to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Power is under the domain of Pluto. Individuals who were born with a strong Pluto have an easier time in manifesting what they want if they have become conscious of this energy within, If they are not conscious of it, they will find struggles with others a constant theme in their lives.

Yet even if Pluto is not strong in your chart, you can consciously pull in the energy of Pluto and learn how to focus it towards your goals.

You will need a simple astrology calculation program. Next you will need to know the position and placement of Pluto in your natal chart. There will be 8 times each day that you will be able to tap into Pluto and channel the power and gift from that planet. When Pluto is rising, which means it is on the ascendant, when Pluto is on the mid heaven, setting, on the descendent and on the IC, the fourth house cusp. Then again all these positions are at the degree of your natal Pluto. For example, if transiting Pluto is at 4 degrees of Capricorn, you will want to find out when it will rise, be at the mid heaven, set, and at the IC. You will do this using your astrology program. Second set of times, will be the degree of your natal Pluto, if your natal Pluto is 2 degrees Libra, find out at what times of the day 2 degrees Libra is rising, on the mid heaven, setting and the IC. These times will give you several to choose from, the preference would be for transiting Pluto rising.

At that time sit quietly, focus within, breathe deep, and with each breath feel enormous power enter into your body through your third eye. Pull the power in, to the center of your brain, then let it follow permeate the cells of your brain, then through the body.

Practicing this meditation will infuse you with the power that Pluto carries and you will be able to then use your focus to visualize and use conscious meditation to receive answers and ideas that you need to have what you want in life. 

Astrologers know secrets of astrology; learn astrology and you too can be your own astrologer.

By arnia