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When you want to laugh away your worries there is perhaps no better medicine than reading through an issue of the Viz magazine. Originating in 1979 this leading British humor magazine focuses on funny jokes and cartoon characters which have become extremely popular with the readers over the years. The magazine’s producers are based in Newcastle, England. With its growing acceptance amongst readers however it very soon faced challenges as competitors surfaced and sales subsequently plummeted sharply in 2009. Another cause behind the sales decline was perhaps the hike in price of the magazines as they became monthly issues.

Contents of the magazine:

  1. The focus of this magazine is not on political mockery rather on despicable jokes.
  2. Toilet related humor like jokes about farting, vomiting or urinating.
  3. Black comedy focusing on issues considered taboo in our society.
  4. Surreal humor through creation of absurd situations or weird juxtapositions.
  5. Sexual comedy concentrating on sexual practices and theories.
  6. Satires mocking the seriousness of some grave issues.

How to make Viz magazine subscriptions:

  1. You can start by paying $1 for the first three monthly issues and in case you are not satisfied completely you may cancel your subscription.
  2. Enter the promotional code and the name of the country where you reside when filling in the subscription details.
  3. Provide the delivery address for shipping when buying online. Click on the option that says “add to cart” and finally on the “subscribe” button to finish the proceedings.
  4. If you face trouble going through the above steps you may call the helpline numbers provided in the web page.
  5. If the reader is satisfied and wishes to continue receiving the magazine, he can avail of a home delivery of the copy along with a huge 21% off on the shop price.
  6. You can also gift Viz magazine subscriptions to your friends at attractive discounted rates.

The magazine can be bought from stalls and book stores and subscribing to it hardly costs you much money. You also have the freedom to discontinue subscriptions in case you are not happy with it. Earlier men were the biggest fans of this magazine but now women are also creating fan clubs of their own. The most popular sections in this magazine include funny letters by the editor and even readers using funny names, absurd sex-oriented tips, and crap jokes, humorous stories through photographs, comic strips etc. The online edition contains appropriate funny animations, games, videos and wallpapers etc.

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