Chinese Astrology

There are issues relating to Dragon Year 2012-13 which potentially affect us all springing from the particular qualities of this 5th and most volatile Sign of the Chinese Zodiac, during this current period. The nature of Dragon Years (not just the personalities of those born therein) deserve detailed consideration, for example.

Those interested in Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, Culture and symbolism wishing to prosper from their knowledge in this and subsequent years could profit from in-depth understanding of ‘Lung’ the Dragon particularly in relation the Chinese Zodiac as a whole..

The 5 Elements

The key influences of the 5 Elements upon Dragon Years and upon us all comprise a further body of similarly essential knowledge. Water is Year Element in both Dragon Year 2012-13 and Snake Year 2013-14 and so now is a most auspicious time to deepen your Elemental knowledge via a closer look at Water’s key influences upon Years in general and these two Years in particular.

Chinese 5 Element Theory also provide an awareness essential to understanding Feng Shui, health and other issues relating to Dragon Year 2012-13. These are also key components of the Astrological forecasts for the Year for those born under each of the Chinese Zodiac 12 Animal Signs and the consequent recommendations that are made for the period.

Feng Shui

5 Elements Feng Shui provides general guidance for the home interiors and exteriors in the Year ahead, offering enough broad, balanced guidance to get those interested in this fascinating field underway. Wealth-links to Water, Dragon Year (2012-13) Year Element and Feng Shui ‘Wealth Enhancers’ or ‘Money Magnets’ like the Chan Chu figure in specific Feng Shui advice on this topic-one relevant to many of us in these particular times of austerity. As indicated above, now is a particularly auspicious time to increase your appreciation of Water-related Feng Shui.


Dragon-linked aspects of health and virility relating to this fifth Sign of the Chinese Zodiac are potentially relevant to all and are also rewarding areas for further enquiry at this time. Qigong is the most appropriate vehicle for this purpose.

5 Elements Qigong, the popular Chinese Health, Youth and Longevity-bringing Art, utilises the energies of the Elements to encourage these qualities. Practical insights into its workings may encourage some to pursue Qigong’s many benefits at greater length.

Investigation of the above areas accompanied by gaining relevant insights into the Dragon/Lung’s place within Chinese Culture and tradition represents a sure way forward for those wishing to reap the benefits of closer acquaintance with Chinese Culture,Customs and Beliefs.


Extra benefit may be obtained via understanding the methods whereby Chinese New Year dates are determined. Enhancing your appreciation of Chinese New Year customs and the ingredients of typical Celebrations of this world-wide event will also assist individuals’ progress in relation to the key areas above. Hopefully, this article will help readers to harmonise with the changing patterns of life-energy which these areas represent

Those wishing to develop their interests further still can also consider 5 Elements Internal and 5 Animals External Kung Fu as both Styles incorporate in-depth 5 Elements Training.

By arnia