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The annually artist payment is taking place in December. Prior to we operate via when you’ll be paid out and how to look at your payment facts, let us start off with a speedy recap on the payment threshold.

Artists whose earnings have arrived at $20/20€/£20 are paid out just about every month. If your earnings haven’t reached the payment threshold, they accumulate until finally you get to $20/20€/£20 and you’re paid out in the subsequent payment cycle. In December each 12 months we pay all artists who have earned over $2/2€/£2.

Every single thirty day period we begin processing payments on the 15th. It can take a few of times for us to course of action all the payments then these are transferred to your lender or PayPal account. This means payments ordinarily start out landing in accounts from all over the 17th of the month.

In December above 6 instances the quantity of artists are paid out in the yearly pay out run, so the procedure requires some added time.

It will just take somewhere around 2-3 times for all payments to be processed by Redbubble. PayPal payments are the quickest, so at the time we have processed your payment at our finish, your payment must be in your PayPal account almost quickly. If you are paid out by way of lender transfer, the payment can acquire an extra number of times to land in your account. This year the 15th falls on a Wednesday and we have a weekend in between so some bank payments may possibly not get to accounts right until the center of the next 7 days.

We know how crucial those further money are at this time of year so we are pulling out all the stops to make confident you’re paid out as quickly as attainable.

We want to make positive we can spend you so you should choose a pair of minutes to look at your payment aspects. This is in particular vital if you haven’t been paid in a when.

If your facts are incorrect, the payment fails, and your earnings remain under the threshold, we will not be in a position to re-operate your payment right until the upcoming annually payment in December 2022. You are going to uncover edit payment facts in your account settings. Our support center post guides you by the methods to validate your PayPal or lender account in more detail.

For the most up to day information on the yearly artist payment, make sure you pay a visit to the assist center


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