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For folks in quest of genuine advice and comprehension from Astrology predictions, the internet could be a labyrinth tricky to get your way through. There are numerous reliable astrologers and at the same time there are those that are merely in the hunt for a quick profit. Do not lose hope; you can evade the profit seekers by sticking to some key points while searching.

Always keep in mind astrology predictions are not about finding ways to win a lottery or wicked forces slowing you down. Stay away from those that pledge monetary boons, immediate solutions or mention that wicked forces are against you and you need their help to get rid of these forces. Natal or Transit Astrology is not like this, but this is why there are so many people who think Astrology predictions are bogus.

A good astrologer can offer the following predictions after analyzing your horoscope:

– Planetary Positions And Their Effects
– Your Career And Financial Prospects
– Your Relationships
– Level Of Collection Of Money In Your Life
– Areas From Where Money Can Be Brought In
– Any Combinations/Habits That Make Money Issues Negative For You
– Periods Of Highs And Lows etc…etc
– Natal Chart Reading is about Personality

A genuine natal chart reading focuses on your individuality, strong points and weak points. It makes the window open for you to understand yourself. A good reading will be consisted of a consistent, complete sight of all the constituents in a chart and not merely a list of signs and houses where the planets are in.

Planets describe what energies are working, signs describe how they work and the houses describe where they work. Aspects imply the use and/or misuse of the energies involving the planets. A natal chart reveals natural tendencies of conduct, both good and bad but main thing is you have power over of your actions.

Changing all this information into a real reading takes time and requires knowledge of the diverse pieces. There may be inconsistencies in a chart that need deep study to ascertain a person’s conduct traits. For example, a Sun sign in Pisces along with a Rising sign in Taurus can change a pensive Piscean into a pragmatic person. On the other hand, if Mercury is in Pisces square Jupiter this may initiate inconsequential spending. Toss Saturn into a high position in Libra and yet again the intermingling changes.

Difference between Good and Bad Natal Chart Readings

An inferior reading will offer you a list of signs and houses in which the planets are situated, and probably emphasize a few of the aspects. The documentation will look as if somebody simply plucked it out of a book. Appraisal of the document could be very puzzling for the client as a result of the possibility for contradictory information. Mars in Capricorn is exalted, but locate Mars in the 4th house square Uranus and a totally dissimilar energy is working. The ignorant seeker of information will not know how to resolve the inconsistencies in such a reading.

A good reading must comprise a copy of the natal chart, 1-3 pages of a synopsis of your personality, plus features of specific aspects of planet or house locations with high level of power. A very experienced astrology may also record health inclinations, physical behavior and karmic instruction.

Make sure you do research prior to choosing an Astrologer. Look for Astrology frauds related and watch out the astrologer assuring to change your life completely – only you can do that with the apparatus a good reading offers you.

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