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About Ale Casanova

Ale Casanova (b. 1981) is a Spanish artist with exhibitions about Spain, France, and Norway. His performs express easy scenes with complete naturalness and crudeness by way of figures and portraits. Casanova’s creative follow reveals a playfulness with coloration, where brightness will become “the basic axis.” Most of the time, he generates with oils on cloth.

He displays very simple scenes with absolute naturalness and rawness by means of figures and portraits. The viewer gains a lot of distinct emotions and thoughts about what the scene is about, which functions it is section of, and the would like to be a portion of it.

Choosing to depict nudes to develop enchantment, he appears to be for a feeling of intimacy to engage the viewer in a non-public, sensual instant – with no malice in anyway.

My work contains oil and watercolor as main people. I also use social media with the very same intention, relevance, structure, and sort. 

In each individual of my operates, one particular may possibly uncover my preference for the use of colour, from the brownest and most blurred colours to the most saturated and substantial-distinction types, turning color into a recreation exactly where the brightness of the shade turns into the elementary axis. I perform on the painting with immediate and precise brushstrokes the place delicate gradients blend brushstroke cuts.

On the internet Courses

He produces wonderful on line curses, also on Domestika, with excellent good results! If you are intrigued in applying, go here or below  >

NFT on Foundation

Locate his six awesome NFTs on Foundation. Uncover them now >>>


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